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Studies have shown that employees who practice mindfulness and take care of their emotional well-being are happier and more productive. That is why we are working with leading corporations to offer Mindsail as a holistic wellness benefit for their employees. With Mindsail, employees can get instant access to top experts - anytime, anywhere - to reduce stress, increase productivity and stay motivated and inspired. Other positive health and professional outcomes include:


IMPROVE                              REDUCE

                                          Productivity     Sleep                                                   Anxiety       PTSD        

                                          Performance    Self-Control                                         Insomnia      Fear

                                          Relationships   Focus                                                  Insecurity    Stress

                                          Creativity        Happiness                                           Depression   Addiction


Drive organizational success and well-being

Our programs are designed to create a stronger sense of community and individual leadership among all employees. Mindsail programs are focused on key categories:


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